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Blue's Rantings Archive - 2010

 9/26/10- If we keep kicking ourselves in the ass like the last couple of weeks, my friends, I suggest you prepare for one helluva long goddamn season... That's pretty much all I have to say right now, I'm so disappointed and disgusted.

Down To 53

 The slicing and dicing is done to reach the league count of 53. Those cut: QB Rhett Bomar; DT Jay Alford; RBs Andre Brown and Gartrell Johnson; TE Bear Pascoe; WR Derek Hagan; OL Guy Whimper; S John Busing; QB Dominick Randolph; FB Jerome Johnson; WR Tim Brown; TE Scott Chandler; OLs Jacob Bender, Herb Taylor, Jim Cordle and Todd Londolt; DLs Tommie Hill, Alex Hall, Dwayne Hendricks and Nate Collins; and DBs Seth Williams, Courtney Brown, Matt O'Hanlon and Sha'reff Rashad.

 Happy to say WR Victor Cruz made the cut.

Manning and the Hospital "Controversy"

This whole thing has had me brewing since Monday and just seems to be getting bigger, for reasons I don't understand.

For those not familiar, the Giants have worked with Saint Vincent's hospital for years and Eli had an endorsement deal with them. He decided, because the hospital is having some financial hard times right now, to RELEASE THEM from the final $500,000 they owe him even though he is STILL GOING TO WORK FOR THEM FOR FREE.

I dunno about anyone else, but, that sounds like a seriously awesome thing for him to do. Well, he got blasted on WFAN and The Post for taking ANY money from them, even though at the time the hospital was doing ok. OK enough to offer him an endorsement deal, which was their decision.

Are the FAN and The Post fucking kidding me? How about, instead of being a bunch of self-righteous assholes who, like any media outlet, take advertising money without asking "Well, are you sure? Because if you don't really have the money, we'll just run your ads for free.", they just turn around and say "Wow, that was really nice of Manning. How often do you see high-profile athletes refusing to take money for an endorsement deal?"

Both the FAN and The Post sicken me.

Questions About No CBA in 2010 And The Effects?

 Then go HERE.

 Should answer most questions on what the new rules are in regards to free agency and other matters most of us will be asking about this offseason.

Antonio Pierce Released
February 11, 2010

 Today the Giants released veteran linebacker, and team leader, Antonio Pierce. As most of you know, he missed the final 7 games of last season, being placed on IR, after having surgery to correct a herniated disc in his neck. He had one year left on his contract. I guess the Giants didn't feel like coughing up the 4.75M remaining on his contract for 2010 with so many negative variables swirling around.

 Good luck in your future endeavors, A.P., and thank you for your leadership and work while you were with us. You'll be missed.



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